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Now the burghal endures the amaranthine aggression of the baleful Angels, camp creatures angled on eradicating the animal race.

Tokyo-3 still stands afterwards best of acculturation was decimated in the Second Impact. Shinji will action the Angels alongside the alone actuality who ability accept his plight – Rei Ayanami, the ambiguous and breakable pilot of Eva Unit 00. To action this aberrant and adamant enemy, the government bureau NERV constructs a agile of aerial humanoid machines – the Evas – and Shinji Ikari is alleged into action, cautiously demography his abode at the controls of Eva Unit 01.

Living a activity of bareness and analytic his existence, Shinji struggles to acquire albatross for mankind’s action for adaptation in this visually arresting clean of one of the best important anime of all time. Anno has said he is re-creating Evangelion as he capital it to be initially, airy by abstruse and bread-and-butter limits. In this blur acquaintance not to be missed, Shinji and Rei will attempt to apprentice a simple truth: back accustomed the accountability of humanity’s adaptation on your shoulders, you are not alone.
The agilely advancing Evangelion: 1.01 is the aboriginal chapter in a four-feature call of Hideaki Anno’s watershed alternation Neon Genesis Evangelion . Assigned to pilot the gigantic cyborg Evangelion Unit 01, Shinji proves a reluctant, aberrant hero, whose problems are abiding in his alienation from his father. The aboriginal blur covers the aforementioned actual as episodes 1 through 6 of the series: In 2015, 14-year-old Shinji Ikari arrives at the address of Nerve, a accurate alignment that represents humanity’s aftermost aegis adjoin the Angels, abstruse beings angled on destruction. Back the army deploys an arrangement of tanks, planes and missiles adjoin the Angel Sachiel, the admirers sees the ranks of bootless machines affective into position–and actuality destroyed by the Angel’s abhorrent power. Anno was able to rehire best of the agents from the aboriginal series, but the use of computer cartoon enables the filmmakers to amp up the visuals. In the television series, this Angel was aloof a dejected tetrahedron; in the blur it reconfigures itself into a absurd arrangement of geometric shapes. Operation Yashima, the acute action with the Angel Ramiel, ends the film. The absolute Japanese articulation casting alternate for the remake; in the English dub, Alison Keith and Spike Spencer re-create their roles as the animated Misato and the angst- ridden Shinji, while Brina Palencia abundantly takes over as the abroad Rei Ayanami. Shinji’s abolition of the Angel with an beginning “positron cannon” eclipses the beforehand version.

Stills from Evangelion: 1.01

The tighter story-telling and admirable visuals of Evangelion: 1.01 will win over alike skeptics who doubted whether there was any charge for yet addition version.

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Buy "Evangelion: 1.01 You Are Not Alone – Movie" DvD Movie Online:

  1. Im not the best at reviews but ill aloof say what i think. Ive apparent the alternation of Eva bare the two orignal films and this i anticipation was a abundant representation for the alternation as they are rebuilding it as said in its orignal appellation band of Clean of Evangelion. Things are the aforementioned as far as some actuality and others are altered which makes it fun. Actuality how the glipses i saw of 2.0 are ill best acceptable get the alternation as able-bodied as these movies account the movies will alter a bit added from the alternation than actuality a redoing exactly, but i say if you like Evangelion definatly at atomic hire this if possible. This anime isnt for anybody but i say accord it a try for actuality a actual absorbing anime and able-bodied done, unfourtnately admitting on these clean movies it may booty a bit to accomplishment actuality as there are 4 movies absolute and 2 as of now are still not appear in japan, but still this is fun to watch expecally if you apperceive the series. So enjoy

  2. This analysis is on the movie; I haven’t bought the DVD yet. Evangelion: 1.01 You Are Abandoned is a complete accommodate of the aboriginal animation, utilizing the latest activity address to charm the images. A acceptable majority of the aboriginal angle credibility are preserved in the presentation of the new version. Lavish use of computer cartoon gives the apple of Evangelion a added astute and aperitive look. Mechanisms of Tokyo 3 booty on a new akin of complication and details, and activity sequences attending smoother and abundant bigger executed; these abandoned are account the admission price.

    Two Angels are depicted in this re-animation of Evangelion, and both are accustomed new attending and added appearance development. The acme is on the action with the 2nd Angel, which was Angel #5 in the aboriginal OVA. The animators accept acutely dispensed with ample efforts in the re-conceptualization of this Angel and its capabilities. It is not alone abrupt to see the new account conjured up by the animators, but additionally the new alertness arrangement of Tokyo 3 in active the Angel. I am artlessly animated that the animators formed on the re-animation so seriously. Of course, the alone affliction I accept for this cine is the “panties” arena that the animators additionally absitively to bottle from the OVA, because I anticipation that the animators accept assuredly absitively to account the intelligence of the added complete admirers with all the enhancements and adamantine work. In the end, the “panties” arena relegated Evangelion already afresh to adorable the hormone-raging boyish audience, thereby behind the adults.

  3. This appearance is actual good, but I would delay for v.1.11 which is on blu-ray and has been continued by about 2 minutes. If you’re a adamantine amount fan like me, the delay is account it.

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