The Cardio Samba Workout – Exercise DVD Movie

Buy The Cardio Samba Workout DvD Movie Online

The Cardio Samba Workout – Exercise DVD Movie

Learn authentic Rio De Janeiro style Brazilian samba ( samba no pe ) as you perform a high-energy dynamic cardio workout. Set to joyful and uplifting Brazilian samba music, The Cardio Samba Workout is designed by Brazilian samba dancer and instructor Quenia Ribeiro, and demonstrated by Quenia and her New York City-based dance company, Grupo Ribeiro.

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Buy "The Cardio Samba Workout – Exercise DVD Movie" DvD Movie Online:

  1. I admired the music and Quenia’s Energy!!! I did acquisition about that there aloof was a little too abounding moves to the ball routine. Quenia makes the moves accessible to apprentice with acceptable apathetic repetitions and takes it from the top of the ball to advice you to bethink them, but by the time you accept abstruse the accomplished accepted you are too beat to adore accomplishing it! There wasn’t any air-conditioned down. But what a abundant workout!!! I additionally like that Quenia is ample and not stick-thin with affected boobs. I feel I can chronicle to her, because her anatomy is agnate to mine.

  2. This a aerial activity conditioning with a tutorial included on Rio de Janiero Brazilian appearance samba. The adviser and her aggregation of dancers present their affairs well.

    Workout 1 inclues 2 segments area you can clip yourself, apathetic or accelerated aerobic.

    Workout 2 articulation 1 offers nice able for those who like dancing slower paced.

    Segment 2 becomes abysmal and acute back the clip picks up in and you are actually activity non stop.

    If you accept the charge to apprentice samba, the tutorial area is abundant and actual able-bodied able for instruction.

    Quenia has ahead appear “Samba Reggae Work Out” and “Samba Dance Today.” If you dont accept these programs “Cardio Samba” would be a acceptable best as it includes abundant in the tutorial, with abundant technique, a absolute workout, additionally balmy up and air-conditioned bottomward sections.

    I am apologetic that this affairs was not met with abundant activity in my assemblies. Many adopted a abstinent exercise for best periods to action and bake calories rather than too fast paced which become abbreviate lived and repetitous.

    If you are a samba lover, and cardio and aerobic is your best of weight loss, or exercise, it will clothing you well.

  3. As abundant as i like samba, i begin this way to acute for me, i accept her additional DVD and its awesome, but this one is addition story, maybe already i get rid of a acceptable bulk of weight i can be able to move like these ladies, dont get this if you are aloof starting to apprentice samba……

  4. This is a abundant ball conditioning for those average dancers who are acclimated to the ball chic architecture and appetite to claiming themselves with some variety. She absolutely does a abundant job of answer the samba steps. My alone appraisal is that I ambition she could explain the alteration from apathetic accomplish to the “live” samba fast pace. No amount what, it’s still a fun chic and she incorporates abounding accurate ball moves into the accepted , so you are absolutely accepting a brazilian ball tutorial. This is not an aerobics class, BUT you do get your affection amount up and it’s a abundant conditioning for ball enthusiasts who appetite the acquaintance of a ball chic at home. Obrigado!

  5. I adulation Quenia, she is a aqueous ballerina that you can acquaint can adore the ball in the moment & has a great, friendly, fun personality that comes beyond that doesn’t let you get bored. Like her antecedent “The Samba Reggae Workout” this is done on date w/now 3 advancement women & no alive band, but a abundant music piped in. Quenia afresh teaches as she dances, no articulation over.


    * Welcome: 2 min

    * Basal Samba: 11 min – Quenia abandoned boring teaches fwd, aback & traveling to the side. Fwd & aback are done differently. She goes actual apathetic here, no music for the aboriginal 5 min, but there is for the rest. Luckily Quenia makes up for the abridgement of music. She occasionally goes into 1/2 speed, but mostly a actual apathetic 1/8-1/4 bounce alike for best ball conditioning dvds. Alone at the end does she do a quick at bounce acceleration practice.

    * Footfall Tutorial: 29 min – burst up into 4 sections, she abandoned teaches you all the added moves you will apprentice for the workout, which there are many, but accessible to learn, boilerplate abreast as fast as samba, the alone adamantine allotment actuality directional changes. She goes so slow, it’s adamantine to account what it’s accept to attending like at tempo. Hip circles, box steps, lunges, etc. She afresh goes mostly 1/4 tempo, endlessly to teach. Again, she is a actual good, absolute teacher. She goes over basal samba afresh for those who charge a refresher in the aftermost 2 min.

    * Warm-up: 27 min – wow, a actual long, absolute addition that gets alike the ankles warmed-up & stretched. Included are yoga sitting fwd bends, continuing fwd bends, chair, reclined analgesic twists, as able-bodied as some crunches, pilates, rib & hip circles, etc. Done w/her dancers.

    * Conditioning 26 min – burst up into 5 sections, she & 3 advancement dancers do the antecedent 4 sections, aboriginal in 1/4 tempo, again abounding VERY fast tempo. She again does all 4 sections all in VERY fast bounce in the aftermost 6 min.

    * Cool Down 3 min – basal stretches you’d apprehend w/the dancers.

    The alone affair I didn’t like about this was that alike admitting 1/8-1/4 acceleration is absolute for the footfall tutorial, she should accept gone 1/2 acceleration back accomplishing the conditioning or at atomic a mild end of the tutorial. It’s too arrant back Latin dancing is VERY fast, you feel you’re either activity too slow, or it’s too fast to accumulate up. There was actual little anatomy adjustment teaching in the conditioning area to admonish you advanced of time area you’re activity unless you’ve memorized absolutely able-bodied the antecedent sections which goes too apathetic already you get the idea. If she had agitation teaching in 1/2 speed, an added articulation over would accept been accomplished to accumulate the drive up.

    Most of my ball workouts go 1/2 acceleration w/teaching as you go & again bounce w/an added footfall tutorial if charge it which I acquisition to be a absolute formula.

    video clip: worlddancenewyork

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