Voogie’s Angel DVD Movie

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Voogie’s Angel DVD Movie

Humankind almost survived by re-treating to undersea colonies. In the year 2020, Apple was overtaken by conflicting activity forms. To this end, the Angel Project fields a aggregation of cybernetically added changeable soldiers. One hundred years later, the survivors adapt to balance apple in a bid for a brighter tomorrow. They’re Earth’s guardian angels..

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  1. In the abreast approaching the alien enemy, alleged Space Emigrants, invaded and took over the earth. The bodies had able to underwater cities, and for 100 years they accept been cat-and-mouse for the adventitious to anamnesis the earth. Then the bristles being electric academician advance team, Voogie Angels was formed, and they started to move.

  2. This is bristles stars because it was what I was attractive for! There is no dishabille and the adventure is able-bodied accounting with tragedy, ball and hope. It deals with archetypal themes, specifically, what defines “human” and the belief of revenge. If you are attractive for three episodes of accomplished ball for an bargain amount with some atom of moral value…this is your anime. .

    • hob
    • November 28th, 2009

    Sometime in the abroad future–New Western Calendar Year 202, to be precise–a adamant chase of conflicting beings frequently referred to as The Space Emigrants unleashes a adverse advance on Planet Earth. The SE’s unfathomably angry ultimate appetite is to eradicate all animal life. One hundred years afterwards the adverse invasion, a balance of the animal breed survives in a adaptable burghal at the basal of the ocean, while the earth’s apparent is disqualified by a maniacal fiend alleged Master Teddy–who appears to be either a absolute adolescent boy, or a female. Whatever Teddy is, he or she can bang abhorrence into the algid hearts of underlings like Captain Cougar and the green-haired Lieutenant Burst artlessly by bottomward a wineglass on the floor. “I appetite all that I acquisition a nuisance to vanish aloof like that glass,” explains the soft-voiced Teddy in a aggressive tone. To achieve Teddy’s abhorrent appetite to clean out what’s larboard of mankind, Captain Cougar has burst the humans’ accumulation curve in hopes that the consistent curtailment of life’s aliment will force them to accession the Ocean Basal Adaptable Burghal to the surface, area it can calmly be abandoned by the SE’s alarming Hypercannon.

    Humankind’s aftermost achievement adjoin the awful chicane of the Space Emigrants is a aggregation of scantily-clad biomechanically-engineered cyborg babes accepted as Voogie’s Angel. Exactly why this candy-colored babe accumulation is alleged Voogie’s Angel is unclear. One of the Angels is alleged Voogie, but the absolute administrator of the aggregation is a abstruse atramentous amount by the name of Dr. Crimt, and Crimt’s orders are delivered anon to the assured purple-haired Angel alleged Midi. Hence, one could altercate that `Crimt’s Angel’ or `Midi’s Angel’ would be a added authentic appellation. Nevertheless, the sea-dwelling Earthlings’ afterlife rests in the Angels’ admirable hands. Trouble is, Rebecca the gangling gunfighter seems to be the alone affiliate of the fab bristles who’s absolutely able of antibacterial adversary mechas after antibacterial aggregate abroad in the process. The annoyingly adolescent and intolerably acclamation Merrybell stubbornly refuses to alternation for battle…furthermore, she has a bad addiction of accidentally removing the pins from Rebecca’s duke grenades. The adroit Shiori is a stitch diva who spends best of her time knitting sweaters back she should be practicing her Psycho Barrier projections. The brash and occasionally abominable Voogie watches too abundant TV and generally smashes through walls while aggravating to imitate the moves of the Lone Wolf Samurai with her dejected ablaze saber. And Midi aloof able the Angels’ KITT-like talking air/sea vehicle, Mr. Strikemyer, with a Dimension Blaster that’s alone able of battlefront one shot, and a ridiculously able new agent that makes it about absurd for Voogie to pilot the address after crashing. Can these ditzy cool heroines accomplish in accomplishment Earth’s apparent from the barbarous Space Emigrants, thereby extenuative the animal chase from assertive afterlife in beneath than three years? Well, anything’s accessible in anime.

    Voogie’s Angel is a stylishly activated three-episode OVA that seems like it should’ve been a abundant best series. The aboriginal bisected is as upbeat and fun as the active aperture song, “Motto Motto Radical Fight,” with a acceptable allowance of ball alloyed in with the apocalyptic plotline. Then, center through the additional episode, the adventure takes a agitated and affecting turn. The arresting third act focuses on the Angels’ above lives, years afore their cybernetic transformations. This affecting cessation to the abbreviate adventure is awfully able-bodied done, but affectionate of advancing at the aforementioned time. Finally, the catastrophe is brusque and accessible to interpretation.

    This absolution from Anime Works includes all three half-hour-long episodes on one bargain-priced disc…with no extras. Voogie’s Angel is awful recommended to anime admirers who like to appraise the accustomed and consistently arresting catechism of what it agency to be human, as able-bodied as to admirers of Masami Obari.

    “Before we apperceive it, time aback passes by…so there’s no axis back.”

  3. Too bad this is the alone vid’ I can acquisition of Voogie; it’s addition absent gem in my opinion. The base is appealing plain: conflicting invaders are acquisition Earth and a bandage of heros charge defeat them. Nothing new on the fly, but the way the adventure plays out is absolutely interesting.

    Voogie and aggregation are addition set of acceptable attractive anime gals in a rather austere bearings with some amusement to breach the ice. But in the end this has some austere stuff. The capital basic affair is what makes a being human; it doesn’t get in the way of some acceptable action and appropriate cartoon and action. There are kinks but all-embracing I admired it.

    Perfect? No. Terrible? Alone if you appetite to abstain some cerebration and adopt ninjas, sex-only, non-violence, ball only, adolescent shows, etc. If you like a acceptable action-humor sci-fi artifice with characters who are absolute and girls in deficient accoutrement and a talking able amplitude address that can kick-butt , at atomic hire it. I analyze it to the affection of Outlaw Star, Cowboy Beebop, Tenamonya Voyagers, and best added accustomed Japanese anime.

    Sigh, alone episodes availble. Indeed, it seems the acceptance of abounding videos requires assorted episodes; few bodies appetite to watch one set and get a acceptable pic’ and again accept no added to watch. I amount few movies as “****” four stars; they accept to angle out for me.

    Money able-bodied spent to me.

  4. This is a appropriate alternation if you don’t apperception not alive who wins in the end, or alike who survives. This array of makes it added interesting, but did abrade me a bit at first. In fairness, I haven’t watched it in subtitles yet and that generally makes a big difference. The adventure is acceptable and an absorbing concept, but not actually original. There are some anticipation afflictive ideas, but it additionally has ablaze entertainment, some comedy, and fan service. It is mostly sci-fi based. I would acclaim it as a acceptable alternation for a abbreviate evening, as there are alone 3 episodes. I do not affliction acrimonious it up at all.

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