Lost Boys: The Tribe

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Lost Boys: The Tribe DvD Movie

An homage to the 1987 cult hit The Lost Boys, Lost Boys: The Tribe tells the story of a brother and sister who move to a sleepy surf town in California, only to get mixed up with a gang of surfers that are more than they appear to be.Lost Boys: The Tribe takes place in Luna Bay, where vampire surfers quickly dispatch anyone who crosses their path.

Absent Boys: The Tribe takes abode in Luna Bay, area vampire surfers bound celerity anyone who crosses their path. An admiration to the 1987 band hit The Absent Boys, Absent Boys: The Tribe tells the adventure of a brother and sister who move to a asleep cream boondocks in California, alone to get alloyed up with a assemblage of surfers that are added than they arise to be. Having absent their parents in a car accident, the ancestors move in with their aberrant Aunt Jillian and become new casualty for the bounded surfers. Into this aphotic apple access angry Chris Emerson and his shy sister, Nicole . Featuring performances and cameos by actors from the aboriginal film, including Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander as the abominable Frog Brothers, Absent Boys 2: The Tribe continues the Absent Boys fable and maintains the accent and candor of the aboriginal film.. When Nicole accidentally drinks the claret of a vampire, Chris charge locate and abort the gangs Head Vampire, Shane afore his sisters transformation is complete.

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  1. According to those in the know, this will be abundantly acknowledged if alone from the “vast army” of Lost Boys fanatics. There was alike a banana book alternation issued a few months ago to arch the gap amid this and the aboriginal film.

  2. In the end credits, it acutely says “Alan Frog Jamison Newlander”…??? So area is he? If he wasn’t in the movie, he would not be in the credits, but accepting watched it twice, I cannot acquisition the guy. Anybody apperceive what the accord is with this?

  3. Actually appealing abuse good. The attending of the blur is way bigger than a DTV movie, and the acting was great. The calligraphy had some problems… but big whoop. The attract activity was cool, it was funny, Edgar Frog was aback in absolute form, and the soundtrack wasn’t bad.

  4. Never analyze sequels to the aboriginal because they are activity to accept a completlely altered feel to them. However PJ Reece and the casting were able to accumulate a little bit of that aboriginal feel alive. I didn’t apperceive how I was activity to like the cine yet I watched it with an accessible apperception and I accept to say that this cine is fun,funny at times, entertaining, and sexy. The best absorbing abhorrence films in years.

  5. I absolutely ambition this was better. As a huge Lost Boys fan, this cine acquainted like a bang in the face. This cine isn’t alike that abundant on its own. Skip it

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