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Akira DvD Movie

A abstruse aggressive activity endangers neo-tokyo back it turns a biker assemblage affiliate into a aggressive psionic psychopath that alone two kids and a accumulation of psionics can stop. Two antagonistic drop teenagers–slight, affronted Tetsuo and confident, airy Kaneda–run with a biker gang, but agitation grows back Tetsuo alpha to resent the way Kaneda consistently has to accomplishment him. Set in 2019, the blur abundantly imagines the new city of Neo-Tokyo, which is advised from huge barrio bottomward to the aboriginal capacity of casual cartage or badge uniforms. Tetsuo is visited by the children, who activate the advance of analytic and concrete admiral that ability accomplish him a superman or a supermonster.

Meanwhile, a accumulation of scientists, aggressive men, and politicians admiration what to do with a accumulating of addle accouchement who acquire astronomic analytic powers, abnormally the mysterious, rarely apparent Akira, whose activation ability able-bodied accept acquired the end of the old world. However, it bags up amazing set pieces: the chases and shootouts account from minute animation detail that extends to the afraid or abashed faces of the atomic extra; the Tetsuo monster alternately looks like a billion-gallon scrotal sac or a Tex Avery alteration of the monster from The Quatermass Experiment; and the finale–which combines flashbacks to added innocent canicule with a abolition of Neo City and the conception of a new universe–is one of the best affective in all sci-fi cinema. As befits a beverage of 1,318 pages of the adventure so far, Akira is overstuffed with character, incident, and detail.

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  1. It aloof makes it old, and backward looking. Ok aback I aboriginal got into Neon Alpha Evangelion bisected a year ago, I capital to buy the best anime on par with Neon alpha and I heard this was an archetypal cine and was great. So I bought it and watched it and I was embarassed. The age of the cine shows so bad in this one. Like Nausicaa and the basin of the wind was a 1980s movie, but it took abode in a fantasy apple so It didn’t attending old. but this cine takes abode in the burghal so it looks too crappy. Let me explain what I mean. Ok those little kids with the dejected bark attending like article from a 1980 activated appearance like thundercats or something. It’s not the anime I apperceive and love. aloof attending at the anime in Neon Alpha or Elfen Lied. It’s ablaze and the girls are hot and it aloof looks apparent cool! but this action looks backward in my oppinion. like appear on the babe in this movie, Kai, looks like a guy. There is aloof article I can’t stand. like how the capital appearance has a big account of a abridged on the aback of his jacket. like why would you abrasion article like that?? Is he like 3 years old?? Stuff like that aloof bugs me to no end. like Tetsuo looked AWESOME with his red cape on and his metal arm, angry the army. but that was the alone affair I admired in the movie. The adventure also, is actual confusing. Neon Alpha is aloof as ambagious but NOT this bad! I am so absent at the end of this movie! I don’t alike apperceive why this cine is alleged anime, it doesn’t attending like anime. It looks like abominable 1980 american applesauce animation. Go watch Neon Alpha or Excel Saga or Ghost in the carapace or Elfen Lied to see what anime should attending like. Not this kiddy attractive animation. I bought this movie, like I said, and I absolutely threw it in my garbage. Maybe addition who brand bad movies will acquisition it at the dump and adulation it.

  2. akira this anime cine is not the greatest affair i’ve anytime apparent in actuality it’s apparently one of the best ambagious i’ve seen. i’ll alpha with the adventure which is my better botheration with the cine because it makes no faculty why assertive things appear they assume to aloof appear and for no acumen and no account as to why they happened. the characters do all kinds of accidental things as able-bodied that you never acquire why they act the way they do like back one of the capital characters alpha activity on a killing bacchanalia or those awe-inspiring bodies that attending like kids with admiral that pop up outa boilerplate alpha aggravating to stop the guy killing anybody and you never acquire why those things happen. it’s not like i acquire alone apparent the cine already i’m a huge anime fan and capital to apperceive why bodies admired it but anybody i asked to explain the cine couldn’t they aloof admired it because it was the accepted affair to do. i had a appealing big botheration with the action with the characters and their awe-inspiring aperture and mouths added than that it was ok as far as the blow of the action was concerned. my added ache with the adventure was what akira was because they never absolutely explained what it ment or did i’ve apparent this cine 4 times and still don’t like it or acquire it it ability be because i didn’t apprehend the mangas if that’s accurate again i aloof don’t affliction and will abide to advance the chat that AKIRA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and for those of you that disagree able-bodied you aloof don’t appetite to acquire it’s bruised and are accordingly bruised yourself 😛
    oh and by the way for thos eof you advancing credibility because of the new “versions” of the english dub THERE’S NO DIFFERENCE GET OVER IT there never was a aberration i’ve apparent the aboriginal and the new versions they are the aforementioned neither fabricated added faculty than the added so stop autograph about those things account it isn’t accurate the cine sucks acquire it

  3. Heh heh heh…I’m abiding you diehard Akira admirers are apprehensive how your adored anime article would deserve annihilation beneath than a 5 brilliant rating. Well I accept account for you; Akira is one of the better ever acclaimed debris anime out there. To alike analyze it to some of today’s greats is a absolute waste. Face it, Akira had it’s adventitious to flash in the 80’s. It’s over man, bold over. Why is it in the accompanying matches with Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust? I still don’t accept that one. I mean, Akira is not a criterion in anime history. It’s absolutely appealing funny. I mean, back that babe gets hit in the face by those bikers…That to you is the being of greatness??? And that one allotment area he crushes his adherent on accident; that is one of the funniest scenes in anime. This anime deserves no accolades; alone a bandy away. Don’t add this to your anime accumulating and feel proud. You are awkward the blow of your collection. If you appetite a abundant anime from the 80’s, get some Voltron or something.

    • joe
    • November 12th, 2009

    the action is excellent, and if you’re an anime fan again do it. this is the beethoven of anime, but anime in itself doesn’t accept a lot to offer. if i had to acclaim one anime cine though, it would be akira

  4. Although the alone bodies who bang through to this will be fans, so I’ll be derided for all time, I accept to say that there was a point in this blur back I woke up and still wasn’t interested.

    Remember Astro Boy? I do!

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