Mystery Science Theater 3000: XVI

Buy Mystery Science Theater 3000: XVI [Limited Edition] DvD Movie Online

Mystery Science Theater 3000 DvD Movie

The aboriginal acute of this box set comes packaged with a limited-edition Tom Servo figurine, the absolute accompaniment to aftermost years out-of-print Crow T. The alone presents beneath the timberline on the Satellite of Love are four movies anyone abroad would acknowledgment the abutting day, but acknowledgment to their abiding beck of wisecracks, there are abundant ho ho hos to accomplish this the best anniversary ever! So appear all ye affectionate and let us admire the ball carelessness that is Mystery Science Theater
Films accommodate The Corpse Vanishes, Warrior Of The Lost World, Santa Claus, Night Of The Blood Beast. Robot figurine. With the holidays aloft us and the spirit of amicableness against men in the air, let us be alert of those beneath fortunate: Joel, Mike and their hapless bots Tom Servo and Crow T.

Bonus Features:

  • 4 Exclusive MST3K Mini-Posters By Artist Steve Vance
  • New Interview With Warrior Of The Lost World Director David Worth
  • Santa Claus Conquers The Devil: A 50-Year Retrospective
  • Turkey Day 95 Intros
  • Original Theatrical Trailers
  • Night Of The Blood Beast
  • And More!.

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Buy "Mystery Science Theater 3000: XVI" DvD Movie Online:

  1. Shout Factory delivers us addition amazing aggregate of MST3K experiments. Not alone do we get 5 episodes we additionally get a Tom Servo figure. Attractive at this set …


    Bela Lugosi stars in this low account accomplishment capturing adolescent females with a appropriate aroma and application the females to accomplish his wife admirable & adolescent again. Believe it or not the consecutive is added absorbing – as serials tended to be non stop activity – Cody continues to action evils from the moon. – This marks the 3rd set in a row with a Division 1 episode. Some admirers absolutely animosity these episodes,but if you attending at why it is actuality done, it absolutely makes sense. First off, eventually or after there will be a abridgement of accessible to authorization Joel titles – accepting Division 1 titles extends the 2 Joel and 2 Mike array for those that like the aggregate of both hosts in their volumes. 2nd, this is a accessible area adventure and cool accessible to get assimilate DVD via MST3K. So why not ? Watching division 1 allows us to see how the appearance started and grow…

    MST3K EPISODE 501 – WARRIOR OF THE LOST WORLD – This is a accepted adventure – the arch adventure from the 5th season. The afresh asleep backward abundant Robert Ginty rides about on an annoying motorbike attractive for agitation or extenuative humanity. This has Megaweapon which became a band hero of sorts & was the highlight of the movie. This is basically a Mad Max cheat in a column apocalyptic world. Donald Pleasence from abounding a cine is the villian. A actual absorbing adventure – not aloof the movie, but the segments with Joel as the paperchase guy and the riffs are abundant as well..

    MST3K EPISODE 521 – SANTA CLAUS – at continued aftermost this adventure assuredly comes on a set..Jose Luis Moreno as Santa Claus as he fights the Devil An acutely memorable adventure with Santa angry Pitch and all sorts of awe-inspiring characters. This was a K Gordon Murray administration

    A abundant articulation has Kevin Murphy as Santa angry Pitch and it is amusing and there are a few songs to it at Christmas or anytime you will beam your arse off


    Another badly requested episode. And you get BOTH VERSIONS of this movie, with the Division 7 segments and the Turkey Day segments…so if you calculation the 2 adaptation PLUS the added 3 in this set you get your 5 adventure set…

    This is a Roger and Gene Corman schlocker with a man is gets abounding by the Blood Beast and the casting is appealing abundant the accepted Corman characters…

    And yes already afresh you get both versions of the cine with both Division 7 and Turkey Segments included ! How acceptable is that. Of advance the abbreviate is actual absorbing as well..

    Here are the Extras:

    New account with “Warrior of the Lost World” administrator David Worth

    Santa Claus Conquers the Devil: A 50-Year Retrospective

    Santa Claus aboriginal radio spot

    Santa Claus still gallery

    Teaser bivouac for “Wonder World of K. Gordon Murray in Colorscope”

    Night of the Blood Beast Turkey Day host segments

    Turkey Day `95 bumpers

    Original affected trailers

    Four absolute MST3K antechamber cards by artisan Steve Vance

    Also, in a limited-edition adaptation there’s a Tom Servo baby

    Shout has done annihilation but accompany action aback into the sets..the aerial anticipation, the advertisement of the sets & what they appear with …

    December 1st is the absolution date and I can hardly wait…and hopefully Aggregate 17 will be about the bend 🙂 !!

    Keep up the abundant assignment Shout Factory !

  2. This set appearance two episodes hosted by appearance architect Joel Hodgson and two hosted by alternation arch biographer Mike Nelson. All are from the Comedy Central era of the show.


    This 1942 atramentous and white abstruseness appearance Bela Lugosi as, surprise, a mad scientist who kills adolescent women for glandular aqueous that he uses to accumulate his own crumbling wife adolescent and alive. He has two angry assistants, afresh surprise, a bad-natured dwarf and a huge oaf. Commando Cody Part 3 is additionally riffed by the aggregation of the SOL. Tom Servo’s arch explodes for the aboriginal of abounding times in one of the host segments. Commando Cody and Bela Lugosi in the aforementioned adventure equals abundant fun.


    A blush blur from 1983 by David Account and starring Robert Ginty , Persis Khambatta and Donald Pleasance. This “High Plains Drifter” knock-off with motorcycles and post-apocalyptic geeks is a beam anarchism from alpha to end. The talking motorcycle, carnal Nastasia angry absolutist Prossor , and Megaweapon are must-see entertainment. The active gag apropos the abnegation to “remember” the starring actor’s name is hilarious. Tom Servo riffing on dozens of bodies in beneath one minute is legendary. A absolutely able episode.

    521- SANTA CLAUS

    This 1959 blush blur is a Mexican acceptation address of K. Gordon Murray. It is camp in the extreme. Santa lives on a billow in conflicting amplitude with accouchement from all over the Earth as his helpers. The aperture of the blur assuming the assorted cultures of the accouchement is out-dated, weird, possibly abhorrent and achingly funny. The blur alone gets drifter from there as Santa has to go to Earth to bear toys application all address of diabolism conjured up by his assistant, the astrologer Merlin. The host articulation featuring Mike and the ‘Bots as the bedrock bandage “Santa Klaws” is account the amount of acceptance all by itself.


    A black-and-white Roger Corman blur fabricated in 1958 is about an astronaut who allotment to Earth acutely asleep at first, but he afterwards turns out to be animate and abundant with conflicting young! If the apriorism of the blur isn’t funny enough, MST3K absolutely makes it so. Filmed in Bronson Canyon like abounding added fun films , it additionally appearance re-used backdrop from added Corman films. This is one of alone seven episodes in MST3K division seven and appearance the ancestry of the Pearl Forrester appearance in Deep 13 afterwards the abandonment of Frank Conniff from the show. Pretty abundant any Roger Corman blur acclimated on MST3K fabricated for a acceptable adventure of the appearance and this one is no exception.


    * New account with “Warrior of the Lost World” administrator David Worth

    * Santa Claus Conquers the Devil: A 50-Year Retrospective

    * Santa Claus aboriginal radio spot

    * Santa Claus still gallery

    * Teaser bivouac for “Wonder World of K. Gordon Murray in Colorscope”

    * Night of the Blood Beast Turkey Day host segments

    * Turkey Day `95 bumpers

    * Aboriginal affected trailers

    * Four absolute MST3K antechamber cards by artisan Steve Vance

    * Also, in a limited-edition adaptation there’s a Tom Servo figurine

  3. In this “Limited Edition” set, there are two movies hosted by Joel and two from Mike Nelson, so if you’re carefully a Joel or Mike fan, analysis this out.

    #105 – “The Corpse Vanishes.” Joel Hodgson hosts this bargain and abominable cine with Bela Lugosi. After authoritative “Dracula,” lugosi acutely beneath into asinine movies like this one. Before BOTOX, you had to annihilate adolescent Brides to accomplish a adolescence serum for arrogant women, like Lugosi’s wife Joel and the Bots do a appropriate job of riffing this asinine cine about a mad scientist, active wife and analgesic orchids.

    #501 – “Warrior of the Lost World” – Joel hosts this cine about a arenaceous hero with a talking motorcycle and angry dictator. There are added explosions than you can count, with some alike in slow-motion. Dummies, are befuddled off barrio in an attack to accomplish them attending like the bad humans. Stars Robert Ginty and Donald Pleasance.

    #521 – “Santa Claus” – Mike Nelson and the Bots accumulate it animate with this abominable cine fabricated in Mexico in 1959. The alpha is a agglomeration of kids singing the longest song anytime recorded in any movie…ever made. Add in the devil, Merlin the archimage and Santa actuality in Space instead of the North Pole. The dubbing into English is additionally laughable.

    #701 – “Night of the Blood Beast” – Mike Nelson and the Bots host this Roger Corman cine that stars Ed Nelson. The abbreviate is “Once Upon a Honeymoon.” The guys consistently admired to riff Corman and shorts from the 50’s. They do a acceptable job on both. Don’t pay too abundant absorption to the artifice about an Astronaut who is a agriculturalist for aliens. This is NOT the one with Sigourney Weaver. That’s what makes it Hilarious.

    The icing on the block is that you get your own little Tom Servo in this Limited Edition set. I charge accept him to accumulate my Crow T Robot company!

    Mystery Science Theater 3000: 20th Anniversary Edition

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