Jay Johnson’s Boot Camp Fitness: Ultimate Body, Vol. 1

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With over 10 years in the authoritative and blooming afterwards methods researched and developed by the U.S.

With the advice of his wife/co-trainer Lin, retired US Army assignment adviser Jay Johnson brings you the alone accurate cossack affected fettle training arrangement available. Join Jay, Lin and aggregation as they assignment your absolute anatomy into your Ultimate Body! Increase your all-embracing anatomy shape, angel and feel by assuming these absolute anatomy workouts.. Department of Defense, JAY JOHNSON’S BOOT CAMP FITNESS SYSTEM can agreement you the abiding after-effects you are attractive for.

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  1. Kickboxing, running, weight lifting, jazzercise, Anatomy Pump, and alike claimed training – you name it, and I accept approved it to get that abundant bass attending that so abounding bodies strive for. Those things worked, but actual boring and didn’t get me the exact after-effects I wanted. I still had bendable areas that I was cocky acquainted about, and alike with claimed training, my anatomy fat was 19%. I started Jay’s Boot Camp this year and WOW! I got bottomward to 9% anatomy fat and looked great, not to acknowledgment that I additionally acquainted absolutely abundant too! Jay knows what works and his workouts are acute and fun in a way that keeps you advancing aback for more. I awful acclaim Jay’s workouts for anyone gluttonous to get to that abutting akin of fitness. Thanks Jay for abstraction me up and alteration my appearance in a absolute way on exercise!

  2. I’ve taken Jay’s Boot Camp in Dallas – this conditioning is GREAT – and it doesnt amount if you are a abecedarian or a pro – they accept contest for every level! VERY MOTIVATIONAL! He makes you anticipate you can do ANYTHING! LOVE IT

  3. I consistently anticipation authoritative a conditioning “fun” was how to break motivated. I own ball videos , absorbing aerobics routines, etc. None absolutely aflame me abundant to put them in the DVD player. Jay’s common approach, however, keeps me advancing aback for more. I’m bent to attach all the brilliant all-overs after accident my address . His sayings answer in my arch all day too: “Don’t Major in Minor things,” “If you’re not active on the edge, you’re demography up too abundant space,” etc. But it’s not an in-your-face aggressive growl… it’s a calm, focused, auspicious voice.

    With added routines, if I absent a day I didn’t feel bad exactly… aghast in myself, yes, but I’d consistently absolve it off. I absolutely attending advanced to alive up to get this one in afore accepting accessible for work. Occasionally I accept to delay until the afternoon/evening , but I acquisition myself advancing on 2pm, afraid to get home so I can bang my own butt.

    The gym bores me. Added DVDs never accumulate me absorbed because I don’t feel that action and drive to bigger myself. With Jay, I’m in antagonism with myself. He and Lin always admonish you to address bottomward how abounding reps you did and I absolutely accept befitting a clue almanac is the best way to break focused.

    I would like a added diffuse addition section, but I can do that on my own.

  4. This video will accord you a abundant lower body, core, and cardio workout. The accession of weights will accord you an high anatomy conditioning as well. I attention those with bad knees – this conditioning may not be for you; but the advisers do a acceptable job of accouterment modifications for those excercises that may put added accent on the knees.

  5. I am advantageous abundant to go to Jay Johnson’s cossack affected several canicule a anniversary in Dallas. I started about 2 years ago. At the age of 48, I accept apparently approved every fettle accepted or DVD on the planet. I can candidly say that Jay’s workouts are the ONLY exercise that I accept anytime done with abounding results. Within the aboriginal few months of accomplishing Jays cossack affected workouts, I absent over 20 lbs and accept kept it off the absolute time. I accept absolutely adapted my anatomy and my metabolism. Plus I feel bigger and happier than ever.

    Jay knows how to alternation you but best importantly, he knows how to get into your arch and advise you to BELIEVE that no amount how old, how overweight, or how athletically challenged you are or anticipate you are, YOU CAN DO THIS. He practices what he teaches and is a active archetype that will affect you and accomplish you appetite to accord it your all. He is active and fun so you will never be bored. Jay is a absolution and allowance to the world. Accord yourself this allowance to become a bigger you. Learn how to change your anatomy and apperception which will accomplish you stronger than anytime and backpack over into your circadian life. There are a lot of “imitation” cossack camps out there so don’t decay your time and money on those. JAY JOHNSON IS THE REAL DEAL. Do Jay’s workouts regularly, eat able-bodied counterbalanced aliment and I affiance you, the after-effects WILL appearance up on your absolute body. Happy cossack camping everyone… HOORAH!!!!

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