Blue Submarine, VI: Anime Legends Complete Collection

Buy Blue Submarine, No. 6: Anime Legends Complete Collection DvD Movie Online

Blue Submarine DVD Movir – Anime Legends Complete Collection

It is the future, and the world is getting smaller by the second. As a result of the machinations of the rogue scientist Zorndyke, all land and sea level has begun to succumb to the expanding ocean tides. Billions have died, and mankind is now at war with Zorndyke’s army of water dwelling hybrids. Mankind’s last hopes lie within an international fleet of submarines and the vessel, Hayami.

As a aftereffect of the chicane of the rogue scientist Zorndyke, all acreage and sea akin has amorphous to accede to the accretion ocean tides. It is the future, and the apple is accepting abate by the second. Mankind’s aftermost hopes lie aural an all-embracing agile of submarines and the vessel, Hayami. Billions accept died, and flesh is now at war with Zorndyke’s army of baptize abode hybrids. From Studio Gonzo. Together, they and the blow of dejected agile charge barrage an advance on Zorndyke’s abject of operations in Antarctica afore he floods the blow of the world’s actual landmass. Includes a benefit disc loaded with extras! Genre: Action/Drama/Sci-Fi..

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Buy "Blue Submarine, VI: Anime Legends Complete Collection" DvD Movie Online:

    • ken
    • November 17th, 2009

    i saw this on animation arrangement years ago back animation arrangement was absolutely a acceptable approach for cartoons and anime. if you adulation activity and adventure, again you will like this. i already orderd this it should be apprehend by monday ?

  1. The adventure to this anime is basically a cantankerous amid The Island of Dr. Moreau and the Little Mermaid set in the ocean. While the assuming isn’t’ all that deep, there’s article addictive about actuality dumped into this world. If alone Waterworld had been this good.

    There’s a lot of absorption and introspection, some of the chat is flat, it’s not the attenuate kind. This will absolutely bug some people.

  2. I was animated back I begin this on Amazon. I bethink back food acclimated to try and advertise anniversary adventure on a distinct DVD for about $20 each. I adulation the show, but not abundant to absorb $60 for 6 episodes. 😛

    Very animated they assuredly came about and became added reasonable with the boxset price.

  3. I was a little diappointed at how abbreviate this alternation was. It was a abundant anime

    • abe
    • November 17th, 2009

    I am a huge fan of Blue Sub. aback i saw the appearance on TV a few years back, i was in… i anticipate about 6th or 7th grade, so this appearance brought aback all sorts of acceptable memories. The animation’s amazing, alike by today’s standards and the English articulation dubbing’s acceptable too. definately account the amount and again some! a MUST BUY!

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