Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Anime Legends, Vol. 2

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In Zeta Gundam, the sequel to the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, the Universal Century world is locked into an escalating conflict. While the AEUG resistance group strives to convince the world of the justice of its cause, the brutal Titans continue to suppress dissent through violence and fear. Now the struggle enters a new phase as a powerful third force enters the battlefield.

While the AEUG attrition accumulation strives to argue the apple of the amends of its cause, the barbarous Titans abide to abolish bone through abandon and fear. Product Description
In Zeta Gundam, the aftereffect to the aboriginal Mobile Suit Gundam series, the Universal Century apple is bound into an ascent conflict. Confronted with his past, Char Aznable at aftermost decides to embrace his role as baton of the AEUG. Now the attempt enters a new appearance as a able third force enters the battlefield, and the AEUG and Titans chase to admit the abutment of the abstruse Axis renegades. The battle amid the insubordinate armament of the A.E.U.G. But his best may accept appear too late, for the Titans accept completed their best abhorrent and adverse weapon.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam gets added complicated, as Amuro Ray and Char Azanable from the aboriginal Gundam alternation appear. The storyline gets alike added circuitous as Kamille Bidan uses his Newtype admiral to authorize analytic bonds not alone with his adherent Fa Yuiry, but with Sarah, Four, Reccoa, Emma, and Rosammy. and the power-hungry paramilitary Titans becomes a triangle of aggressive admiral back a relict Zeon force arrives on the scene, led by Haman Karn, who is bent to restore the Zabi ancestors to power. There’s little faculty of a ample adventure arc, and at this aboriginal appearance of anime, the filmmakers were still acquirements how to address aboveboard changeable characters. These links feel repetitious, as do the metal-hand-to-metal-hand duels amid Kamille’s Zeta Gundam and the adversary Mobile Suits that action in every episode. Zeta Gundam lacks the abyss of assuming that fabricated 08 MS Team memorable and the CG-assisted amplitude battles in Gundam Seed and added contempo installments. Fa comes beyond as a blockhead forth the curve of Minmei in Robotech, and she’s saddled with two thoroughly abhorrent orphans.  But for admirers absorbed in afterward the development of the accepted and long-running Gundam franchise, it’s charge viewing.

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  1. …this is after a agnosticism the best Gundam alternation I’ve anytime seen. So far it’s the alone one I’ve absolutely admired abundant to BUY the accomplished thing. Some problems do counterbalance this actualization bottomward a little bit, but with the countless of positives, it about doesn’t matter.


    + Characters are abounding of personality; acceptable characters aren’t all justice, all the time; angry characters are not MWAHAHAHAHA TAKE OVER TEH WORLD angry and anniversary has their own different characteristics.

    + Rather than accept a allotment of capricious episodes befuddled in with some arresting ones, the actualization never beasts from cogent a full-on story.

    + Tons of plot-twists; not a arid and anticipated storyline.

    + Music is almost simple in composition, but adds abyss and gives a awakening feel.

    + Characters from the aboriginal Gundam accomplish added than aloof adornment appearances; several such as Amuro, Hayato, Katz, Char, and Bright comedy cogent roles in the story, while Kai, Mirai, and Fraw comedy acceptable abrupt acknowledging roles. The alone one to accomplish alone a adornment actualization and not alike say annihilation is Sayla.

    + While not continuing appropriate area the aboriginal Gundam alternation larboard off, the access to the aboriginal are actual able-bodied planned.


    – Sometimes back a appearance doesn’t actualization up for a while, you anticipate “Where did he/she go?” and back they acknowledgment afresh you anticipate “How did he/she get actuality of all places?”

    – This is 1985, so the art and action are a little dated.

    – The dub is appealing bad.

    – Kamille, while not boring, is sometimes a actual annoying, Luke Skywalker-level bellicose advance character.

    The affair is, not alone are there added acceptable things than bad, the acceptable things would outweigh the bad if there were the aforementioned cardinal of each. This actualization artlessly cannot be missed. BUT! At the aforementioned time, it is bigger you see some fair allocation of the aboriginal Gundam series, either in the 43 television episodes or the three accumulation movies. That way, you will accept a decidedly bigger compassionate of some of the names and analogue acclimated in this show. 5 stars all the way!

    • isa
    • November 12th, 2009

    It’s a charge accept for all Gundam Fans! Safely Pacaged,So I Had Nothing To Worry About.

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