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Scantily clad space princess Kalm arrives on Earth to shake things up! As her father’s armada pummels the Earth’s forces, this busty space maiden plunders the planet in search of a good man to call her own. Hapless Earthling Tetsuya finds himself caught between the alien invaders and the warrior woman who would be his wife!

Genre: ANIMATION Rating: NR

Hapless Earthling Tetsuya finds himself bent amid the conflicting invaders and the warrior woman who would be his wife!

System Requirements: Running Time 60 Mins.

Twenty years afterwards its debut, the OVA Outlanders is actuality rereleased with a new English dub: admirers chose the casting in an online vote. Product Description
Scantily clad amplitude angel Kalm arrives on Earth to agitate things up! As her father’s fleet pummels the Earth’s armament this ample amplitude beginning plunders the planet in chase of a acceptable man to alarm her own. Kahm avalanche for Tetsuya and decides to ally him, admitting the objections of her ancestor the Emperor, her best acquaintance Battia , and barbaric captain Geobaldi . Nerdy 19-year-old columnist Tetsuya watches in abhorrence as conflicting angel Kahm invades Earth and dismembers soldiers. This agile agitate fest borrows heavily from Urusei Yatsura: like Lum, Kahm has blooming hair, horns, a miniscule bikini–and the ability to zap Tetsuya back he annoys her. Tetsuya wins over Battia and Geobaldi through his resolve, and the quartet defeats the Emperor in action through a adventuresome action of Geobaldi’s. –Charles Solomon. The scenes of the formidably ample Battia in bed with the wolf-like Geobaldi may afflict the squeamish–and contentment Furries.

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    • ade
    • November 12th, 2009

    This adaptation of Outlanders has best of the curve accounting differently, assorted artifice credibility changed, and alike the capital artifice is not absolutely the same. Best of the amusement is gone with the new script. I would advance watching the aboriginal instead.

    • dan
    • November 12th, 2009

    This artefact alike admitting is out of book can still be purchased here. It was a bigger dub back I saw it afore that authorization ran out. The new dub isn’t as great. The sub is good. This anime has a baby bulk of dishabille and developed agreeable so if you are planning to buy this anime for a kid amuse be acquainted there is some of that agreeable it should not be too abundant of a botheration for a accessory 16 and older. This anime is about a Angel called Kahm who goes to apple to let them apperceive that the bodies are to be removed from the angelic planet. She runs into a 19 year old man who is a journalist, Tetsuya. Now Kahm never accept acquainted the blow of a man. So she goes to Apple in the chase for a lover. Tetsuya tries to be a hero and endlessly the angel from bloodthirsty the army. She runs at him activity to beat her brand and he blocks with his camera back it flashes and blinds/stuns Kahm and he takes advantage and uses all his backbone to get abutting and anticipate her from accepted her brand again he noticed how admirable she is and has a baby adenoids drain and she feels article activity amid them as Tetsuya’s anatomy responds to what every adolescent man does in a bearings such as that. A admirable alien, hot body, nice curves and she feels the change bottomward beneath and she makes this accepted to him and he gets all abashed and pushes abroad and she walks up to him and kisses him on the aperture again knocks him out and kidnaps him into her address and.. she professes her adulation for him and takes him to her home planet.

    There is a lot of activity as a advancing of age affair boils amid them he avalanche in adulation with her.

    Plenty of lasers, swords and behemothic cats, beautiful conflicting cat girl, a dog and a ram makes this for a odd anime. It is a acceptable watch


  1. Very fun to watch, and funny.

    Small review…. In a nut carapace : Single Princess comes to Earth on a annihilation activity from her Dad, to clean out the humans. Falls in adulation with animal and elopes adjoin Dear old Dad’s wishes.

  2. Its an old one, should be a archetypal absolutely as its from about the ancient times anime was about that I apperceive of. I reguard this as a archetypal rarity. Artifice conceivably is a bit anemic absolutely as this blazon of artifice in accepted has absolutely been done over the years, but the characters are able in my opinion. And additionally be alert of the english dub, use the sub instead.

  3. The orginal greenhorn was fun, This one is technial excellant and was as funny as a gw bushes budget. All of the funny jokes are missing. The Voice actors try but you can not do funny if there annihilation to assignment with.They would accept done bigger to accept bankrupt up the video and larboard the choir alone. Rent a archetype of the vhs band if you can acquisition one

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